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Blockchain Transaction Record

FC Mother Acquires Humanity 2.0 Lab to Form the World’s-First Public Utility for Healing our Human Family

FC Mother, the futbol club platform created to honor and heal our Mothers through healthy community spaces, is acquiring the world’s largest library of motherhood wellness ‘gold standards,’ Humanity 2.0 Lab.

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Key Takeaways (TLDR)

  • FC Mother is acquiring Humanity 2.0 Lab, the world's leading library of motherhood wellness 'gold standards,' to accelerate their mission of healing mothers and families.
  • Humanity 2.0 Lab's intergenerational mapping has enabled precision healing interventions to reshape a mother's entire healthy lifespan, as well as her child's and her child's child.
  • FC Mother will leverage Humanity 2.0 Lab's pioneering research collaborations and science community to begin implementing digital and physical infrastructure in Fall 2023.
Transaction ID0xf10b8512567bf7bf1d619eed5cee9a86c5649cb31362ab18dd44ac6883b02b6c
Contract Address0xA7086CbdD2FEfc3382B0F37fE3Ee16ddE05934D2
NWAI Digital Fingerprint548-808f1e6e5a212b0a3175fa903d89d43e
Registration Timestamp2023-05-25T05:00:11+00:00

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