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James Borton Launches South China Sea NewsWire with Perigon News API

Veteran foreign correspondent and author James Borton launched the South China Sea NewsWire, which will aggregate the most essential coverage of articles, books, conferences, podcasts, and other media about the South China Sea region.

Exclusively at — Newsworthy registers every press release distributed through this service on the blockchain so that we can provide verification services and make features such as the self-hosting of press releases available to our customers. The blockchain provides an immutable record of the press releases issued by this service. Immutability gives readers the assurance that the news they are reading has not been altered from the source document that this service distributed. We have shifted the Source of Truth to the blockchain for added protection.

Moving the Source of Truth to the blockchain improves transparency and increases trust between organizations submitting news and readers.

Key Takeaways (TLDR)

  • James Borton has launched the South China Sea NewsWire, a comprehensive platform for information about the region.
  • The NewsWire aims to provide balanced and insightful news on the South China Sea's politics, economics, and biodiversity.
  • Powered by Perigon News API, the site offers real-time news data from over 80,000 global sources, fueling a hub for high-quality information.
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South China Sea NewsWire does not have any other recent news to report at this time.