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New Report: DEI’s “I” Means “Ineffective” DEI Policies Are Fueling Historic Decline in US Worker Productivity

With worker productivity falling at its fastest rate in 75 years, RedBalloon released today a new report: “DEI: ‘I’ is for ‘Ineffective’” exposing the harm that so-called diversity initiatives inflict on workplace productivity. This report is the 3rd in a series on DEI and its link to record low employee engagement.

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Key Takeaways (TLDR)

  • Workplace productivity is declining at a rapid rate, linked to the negative impact of diversity initiatives on employee engagement.
  • Merit-based promotion and recognition are being undermined by gender and ethnicity preferences, hindering workplace effectiveness.
  • RedBalloon emphasizes the importance of honoring merit and skills, attracting job seekers seeking a nonwoke workplace culture.
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