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Blockchain Transaction Record

Full Global Peter Drucker Forum video archive available for first time using deep search technology.

The Global Peter Drucker Forum has partnered with to utilize deep search technology. Any member can search across the entire video archive to immediately find any quote or phrase spoken, instantly presented with the exact transcript, timestamp and relevant media clip. The Drucker Forum is the first European organization to utilize this technology.

Exclusively at — Newsworthy registers every press release distributed through this service on the blockchain so that we can provide verification services and make features such as the self-hosting of press releases available to our customers. The blockchain provides an immutable record of the press releases issued by this service. Immutability gives readers the assurance that the news they are reading has not been altered from the source document that this service distributed. We have shifted the Source of Truth to the blockchain for added protection.

Moving the Source of Truth to the blockchain improves transparency and increases trust between organizations submitting news and readers.

Key Takeaways (TLDR)

  • The Global Peter Drucker Forum's entire video library is now fully searchable using's deep search tool.
  •'s deep search overcomes the difficulty of searching video and audio content for knowledge extraction.
  •'s mission is to unlock the potential of billions of human beings through its AI platform and marketplace.
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