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Adapt and Thrive with AI

Newsworthy was born of the AI generation. It is in our DNA to explore new frontiers that deliver real, meaningful results. This is how we use AI to inform decision making, improve and optimize content, generate impactful media assets, and get your news in front of the people who matter most.

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Artificial Intelligence, Real Results™

As the first newswire to use OpenAI's latest Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) model, Newsworthy pioneered the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and news distribution.

AI is ideal for creating press releases. It saves time. There is less risk of bias, as press releases mostly contain undisputed factual information about company announcements. And there is less risk of the content being identified as AI-generated, which can be problematic for search.

But AI within Newsworthy is not limited to creating well-written, search-optimized news releases. Once a press release is submitted, Newsworthy creates supporting content to help market the news and target the right eyes. More details on Newsworthy's integrated AI tools are provided below.

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Improving & Writing Press Releases

Already written a press release? Newsworthy scores the release, suggests alternative search-optimized headlines and recommends improvements — often leading to creative positioning ideas.

Need help writing a release? Newsworthy offers two solutions. Enter a few sentences describing the news (no prompt necessary) and Newsworthy generates a properly formatted, eye-catching press release with headline options. Or, enter a URL and Newsworthy transforms the content into a press release (e.g., webinar registration or product feature page, blog, article).

Newsworthy also provides three 'Key Takeaways (TLDRs)' for the release and a demographic profile for the audience(s) likely to be interested in the news — ideal for targeted email campaigns.

AI-Generated Supporting 'News Marketing' Content

After submitting your press release to Newsworthy, our AI tools will take your release and create supporting content to help you market your news to your buyers. Supporting content based on the press release includes:

  • Media Outreach Emails: Personalized email to pitch the press release to journalists. You can also Newsworthy's NewsDB feature to build media lists and auto-notify the press when you have news.
  • Social Messages: Social media posts with relevant hashtags to share the news on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social networks.
  • Video News Short: 30-40 second video news short formatted for Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube.
  • Blog Posts and Articles: Converts the news release to a blog post/article that can be used in content marketing campaigns.
  • Audio and Language Transcription: All releases are transcribed to audio and translated into multiple languages, published on Newsworthy.
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Ward Christman, CEO HR Tech Alliances

"This is where artificial intelligence meets news visibility. Newsworthy's AI-driven news marketing not only empowers you with greater control but also amplifies your reach to customers."
Ward Christman