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Mellow Fellow Joins Cannabis Radio’s “420 Bud Bash” Live Extravaganza as Presenting Sponsor

Mellow Fellow (developed by Arvida Labs) will raffle, give out and deeply discount their complete line of Pharmacist formulated, Ph.D. Chemist derived Delta 8, Delta 10, THC-O, and HHC blends as title sponsor of the 420 live events.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Thursday Apr 14, 2022 @ 7:00 AM CDT

Mellow Fellow, a brand that specializes in developing THC-O vape products, edibles, flowers, and concentrates, will serve as presenting sponsor of Cannabis Radio’s annual 420 Bud Bash Concert Series.

Mellow Fellow is the creation of the team at Florida-based Arvida Labs. “We are truly at the intersection of science and passion. While holding new patents on the newest cannabinoids along with our constant and comprehensive research and discovery,” said Mellow Fellow CEO Gerald S. Coombs Jr Ph.D. “We are proud to showcase our expansive product line of Delta 8, Delta 10, THC-O, and HHC blends at this wonderful holiday celebration at the Bud Bash.”

Mellow Fellow will announce winners of an exclusive 420 raffle on their Instagram page where followers to @mellowfellowfam will be eligible to win $1500 in free products, plus swag and deep discount products will be available for attendees to win and buy at their on-site display.

Mellow Fellow will include their “Exclusive 420 Bundle” for attendees of Bud Bash as well as on the Mellow Fellow website at a 75% discount.
The Exclusive 420 Bundle for 420 will include
  • A Delta 8 disposable vape.
  • Delta 9 edibles
  • And a vape cartridge in your choice of cannabinoid (Delta 10/ THC-O or HHC)

The expert team at Mellow Fellow is proud to be the #1 brand you think of when looking for optimal levels of cannabis-derived wellness. All products are Pharmacist formulated, Ph.D. Chemist derived. All products are made in-house from start to end.

Cannabis Radio, the premier radio/ podcast network dedicated to all things Cannabis, hosted their last Bud Bash event in South Florida as a VIP black-tie affair aboard the luxurious SeaFair Luxury Yacht in Downtown Miami as part of the annual United States Cannabis Conference (and soon to include Psychedelic) Expo. The Expo is scheduled to return with a date soon to be announced.

“We have hosted the 2022 Bud Bash to rave reviews across the country and we are excited to bring this concert incarnation of the Bud Bash to our hometown making us the official 420 event for South Florida. That's what the community needs today, a place to come together and celebrate,” said Cannabis Radio CEO Daron Babin.

About Cannabis Radio
Cannabis Radio is the premier online radio/podcast network community delivering radio programming about legal cannabis and other related markets. educates, entertains, and provides access to the world’s leading experts and develops the voices of those with passion, integrity, and the ability to contribute to the cannabis and psychedelics economies. Please visit for more information.

About Arvida Labs

Arvida Labs is a leading manufacturer of rare cannabinoids. We are able to create phytocannabinoids via chemistry vs chromatography at scale. Using our patent-pending processes we have shown the ability to modify the chemical structure of CBD & CBG into the following rare cannabinoids: D8, D9, D10, THCv, THC-O-Acetate, Hexahydroxycannabinol, CBND, CBC, CBN. Mellow Fellow's mission is to provide safe, pure, and effective products.

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Lindsay Goldstein

+1 (754) 368-1062

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