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Natural Lip Balm Brand, Phat Lip, Releases New Skin-Renewing CBD Lip Balm Powered by Natural Fruit Terpene Infusion

Phat Lip, best known for its all-natural terpene formula and world-class packaging design, uses the latest advancements in CBD and terpene infusion to combat damaged lips and aging skin. Phat Lip to showcase products as Bud Bash 2022 in Florida.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( Tuesday Apr 19, 2022 @ 2:00 PM CDT

Phat Lip, the all-new lip healing and moisturizing expert on the scene, has released its CBD & Terpene infused lip care line to finally show the world what luxurious lip care feels like. Phat Lip (developed by Ala Rassi) will be showcasing for the first time their all-new CBD & Terpene infused Lip Balm line as a sponsor of Cannabis Radio’s annual 420 Bud Bash Concert Series.

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We are proud to showcase the new lip balm formula we have been working so hard on this past year, and just beyond grateful to Bud Bash and Awaken Koala for their support .

"We are excited to share this innovative new product with our customers at an accessible price point," says Phat Lip CEO Amy Lovelace. "We have been working on perfecting this skin formula for years and am just beyond elated to finally share it with the world. Everyone deserves self-confidence and to be proud of their image knowing they have soft healthy lips — this lip balm formula gives our customers exactly that."

In research, this combination of CBD & natural terpenes has been shown to have incredible properties such as:

  • Anti Bacterial

    • antibacterial compounds interfere with the growth and reproduction of bacteria on the topical level.

  • Anti Inflammatory

    • CDB infusion reduces swelling, pain, and redness from existing irritation

  • Deeply Moisturizing

    • Calming support is richly moisturizing, and also helps to maintain the skin's natural balance.

  • Mind Calming

    • The ritual of applying CBD + Terpenes together on lips creates a multi-sensorial experience that soothes both the lips and the mind.

Phat Lip CBD & Terpene infused Lip Balm has a silky texture that absorbs into the skin quickly and acts immediately. The lip balm is packaged in easy-to-use long-lasting containers that reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Each Phat Lip also comes with its own elegant bag for easy carrying and storing at home or on the go.

Phat Lip brings together the brilliant formulation of Ala Rassi skincare and the award-winning design of Awaken Koala, a creative agency based in Miami, FL. “There is no better feeling as an entrepreneur than to see your product come to life and begin to serve the community that it was intended for,” said Phat Lip CEO Amy Lovelace. “We are proud to showcase the new lip balm formula we have been working so hard on this past year, and just beyond grateful to Bud Bash and Awaken Koala for their support .”

Phat Lip will announce winners of an exclusive 420 raffle on their Instagram page where followers to @feelphatlip will be eligible to win a free Trio Box featuring all 3 of the Phat Lip flavors, plus exclusive discounts will be available for attendees who come to visit their on-site display.

Read more about the Phat Lip packaging and ingredients.

The Phat Lip team has a strong passion to encourage self-confidence and self-expression which can be seen through their choice use of the hashtag #MindYourLips as seen on the @feelphatlip Instagram page. “We set out to design a product experience that is equally good for your mind and body,” says Phat Lip Creative Director Michael Gundich. “It’s our hope that the confidence our customers gain from interacting with the Phat Lip brand overflows to positively impact the rest of their life, one terpene infused kiss at a time”.

Media Contact for Phat Lip

Michael Gundich

1 (561) 382-1258

[email protected]

Phat Lip does not have any other recent news to report at this time.

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