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The Slow, Painful Death of Journalistic Ethics

Like a Wounded Animal, Big Pharma’s United Kingdom Media Apparatus Lashes Out Against a US Journalist for Telling the Truth

Palm Beach, Florida ( Friday Oct 14, 2022 @ 7:00 AM CDT —

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This censorship harms the British public and especially British women and children.

On October 4th, and 5th, Dr. Naomi Wolf appeared on Great Britain News Channel’s “The Mark Steyn Show” to report on verified harms to human reproduction found within the Pfizer trial documents released by court order; harms that were hidden from the American people and the global public. These were harms of which the Food And Drug Administration (FDA) was aware.

Mark Steyn’s ratings went through the roof, so it was no surprise to observers on social media that the United Kingdom’s broadcasting regulator OFCOM filed an investigation into “The Mark Steyn Show” regarding Dr. Wolf’s appearance.

This censorship harms the British public and especially British women and children.

Dr. Wolf spoke about the overreach, and suppression of facts surrounding harms caused by the COVID injections and, the disintegration of free speech/press on Steve Bannon’s War Room Show.

OFCOM's Tweet regarding the Investigation:

The United Kingdom’s Citizens’ Reactions to OFCOM’s Tweet:

COVID Lockdown and Vaccine Protocol Profiteer Bill Gates’ ties to the BBC:


Dr. Wolf appeared on GB News’s Mark Steyn Show to speak about the findings that her expert team of 3,500 Warroom/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Research Volunteers had found within Pfizer’s own Clinical Trial documents.

This team of experts includes physicians, RNs, biostatisticians, lab clinicians, and research scientists who have been researching the Pfizer documents that were forcibly released by court order earlier this year. Those findings include damage done by the vaccines to organs throughout the body, with an emphasis on disruptions to the reproductive systems in both men and women

In an article titled OFCOM, a UK MEDIA WATCHDOG, OPENS ‘INVESTIGATION‘ INTO GB NEWS SEGMENT FEATURING DR. NAOMI WOLF – UK Government Overreach Forges Ahead, Full Speed -By Etana Hecht

Excerpt From Etana Hecht's Article:

The Media is Harming People

Media watchdogs such as OfCom claim to exist in order to protect the viewers. Dr. Wolf has accurately reported on menstrual harms, elevated rates of stillbirths, and miscarriages all over the world, with governments such as Scotland opening investigations into high spikes of babies who were born dead in the past year.

If OfCom and The Guardian are so intent on an “investigation” into Mark Steyn, Dr. Naomi Wolf, and her claims, then we should call on them to do just that, and investigate thoroughly, every one of Dr. Wolf and the Warroom/DailyClout team’s 40 reports about the horrors that the mass vaccination program has unleashed on humanity. These are reports that come directly from the Pfizer documents that were released under a court order earlier this year. Let them investigate those with a fine-tooth comb, and then do what they’re actually tasked with, and that’s journalism, and protecting journalism. Citizens don’t need to be protected from journalism, journalism needs to be fiercely protected by the people.

This is an outrage.


Dr. Wolf's claims made on ‘The Mark Steyn Show’ are based on the work of the War Room/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis Project. Their forty-plus reports cite the internal Pfizer clinical trial documents, in the custody of the FDA, as well as NIH and other peer-reviewed studies.

Millions of women have had their menstrual health harmed by the vaccines:

Literally sterilizing people:

Poisoning breast milk:

Harms To Leydig, Sertoli, and germ cells:


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