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Understanding the Causes of Suicidal Thoughts: It's More Than Just Depression

Suicidal thoughts are not only symptomatic of depression or major depressive disorder but can also result from a variety of other factors.

Chicago, Illinois ( Monday Apr 24, 2023 @ 8:00 AM EDT

According to recent data, suicide ranks among the leading causes of death globally, and more people continue to experience suicidal thoughts or ideation. While depression is a well-known culprit, additional life circumstances and health conditions increase one's risk of developing suicidal thoughts.

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It is crucial to understand that if someone confides in you about their suicidal thoughts or ideation, it's important to support them and see them through this challenging time

Suicidal thoughts are not only symptomatic of depression or major depressive disorder but can also result from various other factors. While depression is common in those who experience suicidal ideation, it is not the only cause.

Data suggest that individuals who have been exposed to suicidal thoughts or behaviors in others or who have a history of mental health problems are at a higher risk of developing suicidal ideation. Those who have a severe physical illness or a family history of abuse, violence, neglect, or trauma may also be at risk.

Other health conditions can come with suicidal thoughts, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), schizophrenia, traumatic brain injuries, and chronic diseases with widespread and long-term effects. It is essential to recognize these factors as they can help identify those at risk and encourage them to seek the appropriate help.

Innovative Psychedelics recommends seeking professional help, using support groups, or talking to a trusted friend or family member can help individuals cope with suicidal thoughts and overcome them.

Researchers have also indicated that mental health care services need to be more accessible and affordable, as their data suggest that individuals who cannot access mental health care are also at a higher risk of suicide.

Understanding the causes of suicidal thoughts is essential in reducing suicide rates globally.

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Innovative Psychedelics (formerly Innovative Ketamine) treats patients with severe depression, pain and mood disorders using IV ketamine. Dr. Rahul Khare, founder and CEO is a board certified emergency physician who spent more than a decade at Northwestern Medicine before opening his own group of medical practices. It was during his time at Northwestern that Khare realized the challenges associated with treating mental illness. He began exploring ketamine as a possible solution and was among the first physicians in Chicago to offer ketamine infusions. Khare opened a dedicated IV ketamine clinic in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood in 2019. A second location will open in Downers Grove in the spring of 2023.

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