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Unlocking the Power of Mobility with a Grand Giveaway: A Game-Changer for Baseball Players

International speaker and MLB Mobility expert Tracy Hayes, widely known as "MobilityChick" has partnered with iconic brands for a huge giveaway to educate the methods and benefits of mobility to improve all aspects of performance for athletes.

Dallas, TX ( Thursday Nov 2, 2023 @ 2:45 PM EDT

October signals the peak of baseball excitement, with teams either vying for a World Series win or concluding their season with a period of recovery and preparation for the upcoming season. Tracy Hayes, affectionately known as "MobilityChick," leads the charge in transforming the game through her profound understanding of recovery, mobility enhancement, and building for the next season. As an expert in movement and biomechanics and a former baseball wife, Tracy has a profound understanding of the recovery process, enhancing mobility, optimizing movement, and building strength and fluid-moving athletes ready for the next season.

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Tracy is an unstoppable force driving positive transformation in everyone lucky enough to work with her.

In the 2021 baseball season, an astonishing 87% of professional baseball players who completed Tracy's 12-Week Mobility Series spent zero days on the injured list. Moreover, these athletes experienced remarkable improvements in their on-field performance. Pitchers witnessed a staggering 69% increase in their K/9 rate, while hitters, on average, boosted their Home Run Rate by an impressive 80%.

Tracy has worked with players and coaches from 27 of the 30 MLB organizations and multiple major league debuts following her series with two recent big league call-ups: RHP, Kody Funderburk with the Minnesota Twins, and LHP, Joe Jacques called up by the Boston Red Sox this season. She’s also an internationally sought speaker on the importance of efficient movement, speaking at the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) Annual Convention in January.

Tracy's mission is clear: get the word out to athletes, young and old, professional and amateur, across all sports — that there’s a better way to move. As a mother of four, she emphasizes the necessity of early education in this regard to significantly reduce injuries, allowing young athletes to fulfill their potential without succumbing to the arm injury epidemic prevalent more and more.

Tracy Hayes passionately conveys her vision, saying, "I am on a mission to empower others to reach their highest potential by harnessing the power of efficient movement. Mobility is the key to unleashing your full potential. You only live once, and the most precious gift you can give yourself is the ability to excel and perform at your best.”

She continues, “All the brands participating in this giveaway share a common goal: empower others to become healthier, stronger, more centered versions of themselves to lead their best life.”

To spread the message within the baseball community, MobilityChick has forged partnerships with iconic baseball, wellness, and mobility brands, resulting in a remarkable giveaway with a total value exceeding $15,000.

The giveaway includes a dozen J-Bands, and the Mental Warrior Program from Jaeger Sports, among other exciting prizes. Alan Jaeger of Jaeger Sports commends Tracy's exceptional dedication to positive change, remarking, "Tracy is an unstoppable force driving positive transformation in everyone lucky enough to work with her. Often, we take mobility for granted as a natural part of life. Tracy, however, breaks down and rebuilds her clients' movement, step by fluid step, allowing them to achieve peak physical performance. It was only natural to align our brands with her vision for positive change.”

“Contributing to athlete mobility has been at the foundation of Marc Pro from our inception. Supporting Tracy’s mission to evangelize and educate the methods and benefits of mobility falls directly in line with our core values” adds Tim Desmarais, Director of Business Development at Marc Pro.

A wide array of brands have come together to support this movement, including Jaeger Sports, Marc Pro, Nonaste, Resona Health PEMF Therapy, Vivo Barefoot, BAKBON, Rouge Red Light Therapy, LYT Method, Baseball Flows, CamWood Bats, Prospect Dugout, Our Baseball Life, Hitting Done Right, and more.

For more information Tracy's mobility work and the giveaway, visit the MobilityChick website.

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