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HelloRookie's Groundbreaking Study Reveals 2024's Most Loyal MLB Fans

HelloRookie's study identifies the MLB teams with the most loyal fan bases in 2024, using innovative metrics such as attendance and survey data to highlight teams with the most exceptional fan support.

St. Petersburg, FL ( Tuesday Feb 6, 2024 @ 7:00 AM CST

HelloRookie has just revealed which Major League Baseball teams have the most loyal fans in 2024. 

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Our study offers fans, teams, and marketers alike a new perspective on how deep-rooted fan support can be quantified and appreciated.

The study extends beyond conventional metrics, incorporating revenue, attendance figures, and fan sentiment to provide a comprehensive analysis of fan loyalty.

The Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox are distinguished by their unwavering fan support, even during challenging periods. This innovative approach to examining fan loyalty offers a more profound insight into the nature of the connection between fans and their teams.

Mike Noblin, the Lead Sports Betting Writer at HelloRookie, said, "Understanding fan loyalty is critical in today's competitive sports landscape. Our study offers fans, teams, and marketers alike a new perspective on how deep-rooted fan support can be quantified and appreciated." 

HelloRookie is at the forefront of sports betting analysis and insights, always finding new ways to look at the sports world. This study proves their dedication to giving thorough and useful insights. For more details on the study and what it found, check out their website at

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