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Psychedelic Passage and Miraculix Unite to Enhance Safety in Psychedelic Therapy

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Psychedelic Passage integrates Miraculix's research opportunities and analysis technologies into client journeys to enhance safety in psychedelic therapy and contribute valuable data to the global study of psychedelic substances.

Denver, Colorado ( Tuesday Apr 23, 2024 @ 7:00 AM EDT

Psychedelic Passage, a service that connects clients with their network of pre-vetted psychedelic facilitators, and Miraculix, which specializes in the analysis of psychoactive substances, are collaborating to improve safety in psychedelic therapy by incorporating Miraculix’s scientific expertise and analysis technologies into the client experiences managed by Psychedelic Passage.

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This collaboration introduces an innovative initiative where Psychedelic Passage clients can participate in community research projects led by Miraculix.

Founded in 2019 by Jimmy Nguyen and Nicholas Levich, Psychedelic Passage has transformed access to psychedelic therapy, tailoring each client's journey from preparation to integration, considering over 20 variables like specialty and gender preferences. Their commitment extends to educating the community through resources like blogs, podcasts, and free monthly Q&As.

Miraculix, led by Dr. Felix Blei, Frank Junger, and Roxana Budnik, brings to the partnership a wealth of expertise in natural product analysis and the scientific understanding of psychotropic substances. Their QTest technology delivers precise analysis of psychoactive compound concentrations, crucial for safe psychedelic use and accurate dosage determination.

Miraculix's commitment to empowering individuals through informed decisions complements the mission of Psychedelic Passage, which believes in the fundamental right to explore consciousness using psychedelics in safe, meaningful, and sacred ceremonial settings.

This collaboration introduces an innovative initiative where Psychedelic Passage clients can participate in community research projects led by Miraculix. By using tools like Miraculix’s Psilocybin QTest kits, clients contribute to studies that enhance understanding of psychedelics, such as the entourage effect in psychedelic mushrooms. This not only enriches personal experiences but also adds valuable data to global psychedelic research.

"We're excited about this partnership," said Jimmy Nguyen of Psychedelic Passage. "Incorporating Miraculix's advanced scientific analysis into our services will improve the safety and effectiveness of our client's psychedelic journeys."

Dr. Felix Blei of Miraculix added, "Our collaboration with Psychedelic Passage is a significant step forward in our mission to enhance harm reduction and empower individuals with scientific knowledge. We're eager to bring our research and technology to a wider audience, ensuring safer and better-informed psychedelic use."

To engage with this community research initiative or learn more about the partnership, tune into the latest episode of the Psychedelic Passage podcast featuring Dr. Felix Blei, or visit the Miraculix Community Research page.

About Psychedelic Passage

Psychedelic Passage connects individuals with a nationwide network of pre-vetted psychedelic facilitators. Founded in 2019 by Jimmy Nguyen and Nicholas Levich, the company prioritizes safety, education, and personalized guidance throughout the psychedelic experience, from preparation to integration.

About Miraculix

Miraculix specializes in the scientific analysis and consultation regarding natural psychotropic substances, with a focus on psilocybin. The company’s QTest technology offers accurate, scientifically validated substance analysis, enabling safer use and enhanced understanding of psychoactive materials.

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Psychedelic Passage Media Relations

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Miraculix Press Office

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