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Santa Cruz Community Divided as Compassionate Cannabis Dispensary Seeks to Fill Beloved Emily's Bakery Location

A new cannabis dispensary aiming to provide affordable medicine to those in need is facing opposition in Santa Cruz. The Hook Outlet, partnered with the non-profit WAMM Phytotherapies, seeks to fill a beloved bakery's location, but concerns about its proximity to schools have divided the community. The site is fully compliant with city regulations.

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Key Takeaways (TLDR)

  • Local entrepreneurs partner with WAMM for affordable cannabis, facing opposition by Santa Cruz City School Board.
  • Heightened resistance to the dispensary prompted the proposed 2,000-foot buffer zone by the Santa Cruz City School Board. If approved, this would enact a de facto ban for all new cannabis businesses in the city.
  • Call for community support to protect well-established businesses facing opposition to a new location that meets or exceeds all current city regulations, setbacks, and zoning criteria.
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