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Leonhardt Ventures Announces Filing of Pioneering Patent Application for Bioelectric Protein Expression of SIRT

SIRT signaling proteins (1-7) are involved in metabolic regulation, inflammation, neurodegeneration, cell cycle/tumorigenesis, Insulin secretion, DNA repair, and rDNA transcription and play a key role during cell response to a variety of stresses, such as oxidative or genotoxic stress.

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Key Takeaways (TLDR)

  • Leonhardt Ventures files pioneering patent covering bioelectric stimulation-controlled expression of SIRT proteins.
  • Patent application has over 50 platform-based claims for treating aging-related diseases and conditions.
  • Low SIRT levels linked to several diseases, including COVID-19 symptoms, and Leonhardt Ventures aims to upregulate SIRT expression for potential treatment.
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