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Leonhardt Ventures Announces Filing of Pioneering Patent Application for Bioelectric Protein Expression of SIRT

SIRT signaling proteins (1-7) are involved in metabolic regulation, inflammation, neurodegeneration, cell cycle/tumorigenesis, Insulin secretion, DNA repair, and rDNA transcription and play a key role during cell response to a variety of stresses, such as oxidative or genotoxic stress.

Mission Viejo, CA ( Thursday Aug 18, 2022 @ 2:30 PM CDT

Leonhardt Ventures LLC. (Leonhardt Ventures) a leader in developing pioneering solutions to treat chronic health conditions, announced today the filing of what it believes to be a pioneering patent application covering the bioelectric stimulation-controlled expression of the Sirtuin (SIRT) family of seven proteins. The SIRT signaling proteins (1-7) are involved in metabolic regulation, inflammation, neurodegeneration, cell cycle/tumorigenesis, Insulin secretion, DNA repair, and rDNA transcription and play a key role during cell response to a variety of stresses, such as oxidative or genotoxic stress.

This comprehensive patent filing encompasses over 50 platform-based claims focused on a wide range of applications for applying SIRT expression to treat aging-related diseases and conditions. Furthermore, it considerably strengthens the patent estate of Leonhardt Ventures and represents a fundamental pillar of Leonhardt Venture's anti-aging technology portfolio of organ and innovation-specific startups and Licensable Technology Platforms (LTPs). This landmark filing is divided into several hundred individual diseases and purpose-specific patent applications, building patent protection for the platform and pipeline of products in development.

Aging is a pliant process that may be successfully modulated, slowed, and to some degree, reversed by a controlled increase in the expressions of regenerative and restorative proteins in the target tissues. Using the company's patented bioelectric signaling technology, it may become possible to delay or even prevent some age-related pathologies, which would have an enormous impact on human lifespan and quality of life. Promising results have been demonstrated, resulting in lifespan prolongation and healthspan improvement in animal models and a few human studies, "Leonhardt Venture's portfolio of bioelectric and biological innovations for organ regeneration and healing has positioned the company at the forefront of a healthcare revolution – one that treats the causes of disease rather than merely its symptoms and holds the promise of changing treatment paradigms in many ways. We believe that this patent facilitates the possibility to not only lengthen people's lives but provide them with a significant improvement in the function and quality of healthy living (the healthspan) for millions of individuals," said Howard J. Leonhardt, Co-Inventor, Executive Chairman, and CEO of Leonhardt Ventures.

Previous studies have linked low SIRT levels to cardiovascular disease, cancer, liver disease, diabetes, hypertension, disorders of the skin and hair, sexual health, Alzheimer's, dementia, decreased cognitive function, depression, addiction, and most premature aging-related disorders. It has now been demonstrated that low SIRT levels are also associated with the body's inability to clear COVID-19 infections and reduce its symptoms – including those that impact lung function and long COVID. There is a fervent hope that increasing circulating SIRT levels can help slow or even reverse these conditions. The Leonhardt Ventures team intends to design and implement studies to determine the safety and efficacy of SIRT upregulation, including controlled dosing studies.

"The search for an activator of SIRT proteins has been the holy grail in anti-aging and the subject of one of the most extensive, long-term campaigns of experimentation and research. The Leonhardt team is delighted to announce that, after years of research, we have discovered and developed a precise bioelectric signaling sequence to modulate controlled levels of circulating SIRT on demand. This could be a breakthrough in efforts to help people live healthier and longer lives – staving off the detrimental effects of aging," stated Dr. Leslie Miller, Chief Medical Officer for Leonhardt Ventures.

The landmark experiments to demonstrate this breakthrough discovery were conducted at our shared Research and Development laboratory at University Lab Partners in Irvine, California, by Dr. Jorge Genovese and his team. "The addition of controlled expressions of SIRT proteins to our previously patented and patent-pending signals for Klotho, Follistatin, Tropoelastin, SDF1, PDGF, and IGF1 put our company at the forefront of anti-aging technologies development," stated Jorge Genovese, M.D., Ph.D. co-inventor and VP of Bioelectric Regeneration Research at Leonhardt Ventures.

The first Leonhardt Ventures startups that will incorporate the bioelectric SIRT expression technology are:

BodStim is a bioelectric body suit intended to enhance the effect of exercise, allowing the user to achieve better results and build more muscle in less time than training without bioelectric stimulation.

SkinStim is being developed to improve circulation, increase muscle tone, and reduce inflammation in skin tissues.

HairCell is designed to improve hair scalp follicles— increasing circulation and reducing scalp inflammation.

MyoStim ED with ErectiStim is being developed to improve blood circulation and muscle function, reverse erectile dysfunction and improve men's sexual wellness.

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About Leonhardt Ventures LLC:
Founded in 1982, Leonhardt Ventures, located in Mission Viejo, CA, is a venture creation lab, product invention development laboratory, venture fund, and angels network. In the 1980s, the Leonhardt team introduced the PolyCath line of cardiovascular balloon catheters. The TALENT (Taheri-Leonhardt) stent graft, StentValve, ProCell stem cell delivery catheters, PENSIL intravascular lung, RadiCath electromagnetic radiation delivery catheters, and bioelectric stimulators for improving blood flow were developed in the 1990s. Since then, our focus has been combining biologics and bioelectrics for organ regeneration, healing, and recovery. In 2001, the Leonhardt team led the first-ever non-surgical repair of a human heart with muscle stem cells. 35+ innovations have been developed in five areas: Heart and Cardiovascular, Brain, Cosmetic and Reproductive Health, Major Organ Regeneration, and Cancer Treatment. More than 600,000 patients have benefited from the company's medical device and biotechnology innovations. The Leonhardt team has over 800 pending, in process, optioned, or licensed patent claims. A list is available Here

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