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Why News Marketing?

Its time to set our sites on a new set of marketing tools. is looking out over the horizon to provide the leadership and tools to help you get more from the news you make.

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Newswire Distribution is Just the Beginning

Prior to founding, David McInnis founded PRWeb, which he considered to be a 'media bypass system'. As David explained in 2000,

"The value of press release distribution is shifting from a media outreach tool to a direct-to-consumer communication strategy. The move has been away from media outreach to marketing communication."

The fact is, most of what small and medium size businesses announce won't get picked up by the media gatekeepers. was built to help businesses bypass the media and go direct to customers because PR is no longer just about media outreach.

Yes, still ticks all of the boxes of a typical newswire, sending press releases to hundreds of websites, Google News, influencers, bloggers, and media — but the value is no longer measured on distribution alone, but on what happens after the newswire distribution. We call this News Marketing, and it's designed to give news announcements a targeted boost, post-newswire distribution, resulting in increased visibility.

In other words, what's done after the newswire distribution, that matters most. Read more about Newsworthy's News Marketing tools.

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