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Yes, Newsworthy ticks the boxes of a typical newswire, sending press releases to 400+ websites (including Google News), influencers, bloggers, and media. But traditional newswire distribution isn't enough with legacy media declining. We're a News Marketing platform prioritizing higher visibility and more control over the customer journey.

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Why Newsworthy?

Want more people to see your news? Newsworthy.ai is an AI-driven platform that revolutionizes press release distribution and news marketing.

As the influence of legacy media begins to wane, it becomes necessary to look for new sources of influence.

Newsworthy.ai's News Marketing platform is designed to give news announcements a targeted boost, post-newswire distribution, resulting in increased visibility.

Newsworthy.ai still ticks all of the boxes of a typical newswire, sending press releases to 400+ websites in the Newsworthy.ai distribution network (including Google News) — and direct notifications to influencers, bloggers, and media — but we are so much more than just a newswire service.

Newsworthy.ai is the first newswire with the following news marketing features:

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AI-Powered News Writing Tools

AI is Newsworthy's DNA. As the first newswire to use OpenAI's latest Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) model, Newsworthy pioneered the integration of AI and news distribution. Use Newsworthy's AI tools to create a draft press release from scratch, or improve an existing press release. Or, generate a press release from any URL (event, product feature, white paper, etc). In addition to the press release, Newsworthy will also give you several headlines to choose from.

Supporting 'News Marketing' Content

After submitting your press release to Newsworthy, our AI tools will take your release and create supporting content to help you market your news and get in front of the right audiences. Supporting content includes:

  • media outreach email to pitch your news to journalists
  • social messages with hashtags to share the news on social media
  • blog post/article for content marketing
  • video news short formatted for major social platforms
  • translation of the release to multiple languages

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Guaranteed Placement Programs

In addition to the hundreds of websites included in Newsworthy's standard distribution, Newsworthy also gives companies the option to choose industry-specific domains to showcase their news. For example, in the human resources space, Newsworthy has publishing partnerships with nearly a dozen high-domain authority sites.

Note: Newsworthy's publishing partnership program gives websites the ability to earn money by offering guaranteed/featured placements of press releases on the website. Learn more.

Integrated Influencer Marketplace

Traditional newswires rely heavily on the distribution of press releases to journalists and digital media properties. While Newsworthy meets those basic requirements, an integrated influencer marketplace distinguishes Newsworthy as the first newswire to recognize the power online influencers have in driving targeted visibility for press releases. Newsworthy.ai's built-in influencer marketplace allows companies to hire relevant influencers to amplify their news after their press release goes live.

Note: Are you an influencer? Why not get paid for doing what you do naturally — creating and/or sharing content? Learn more.

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News Advocacy

When an organization’s employees serve as advocates for the company’s news, people take notice and the company’s news is seen and engaged with by more of the right people. Whether a company has five or five hundred employees, each employee is a potential evangelist to help distribute and communicate positive information about the organization.

Newsworthy is the first newswire to combine advocacy with press release distribution. Simply upload advocate contacts, and when a release is distributed, Newsworthy auto-notifies them via email, with trackable links so that it is possible to measure the activity of advocates.

NewsDB Media Research and Outreach

Newsworthy.ai is the first newswire platform to incorporate a journalist search tool as part of its core offering. The service is ideal for companies that do not have a PR firm or access to public relations software to help with media outreach.

Use NewsDB to find journalists that have recently written news stories related to a press release. Then, build custom media lists with journalist contact information to pitch the news to the media. Companies can also choose to auto-notify the media each time their company distributes a press release.

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Decision Maker Inbox Direct

Newsworthy's news marketing feature empowers companies to directly notify industry decision-makers upon distributing a press release. Utilizing a vast database of 'buyers' across diverse industries, Newsworthy sends your news to relevant leaders, enhancing brand awareness and fostering potential sales opportunities.

Blockchain Trusted Redirects

Newsworthy was the first newswire to register press releases on the blockchain, enforcing news integrity. Our use of the blockchain as the “source of truth” for a press release makes it possible to self-host your press releases. We call this a Trusted Redirect, a free service provided by Newsworthy.ai with the following benefits:

  • More Traffic: When someone pulls up the press release, Newsworthy redirects them to the press release hosted on your site.
  • More Control: When you self-host your press release you control the customer journey and can add your own call-to-action(s).
  • Improved Transparency: Self-hosting your press release gives you better insights and transparency over your results.
  • Increased Trust: The blockchain-verified badge builds trust with your site visitors.
  • Easy Set-Up: Use our WordPress Plugin to start self-hosting your releases. We also have a Shopify plugin.
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Mark A. Effinger, Founder, Nootopia.com

"I have experienced the power of influencer marketing in building my brand. The convenience of having a marketplace built into my press release service is killer."
Mark Effinger