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From Cannabinoids to Cultivation: Potline Bling Premieres as New Cannabis Radio Podcast

Potline Bling Presents a Podcast for Potheads Who Want to Know More About Cannabis with weekly episodes set to launch in September.

Hollywood, Florida ( Tuesday Sep 13, 2022 @ 11:05 AM CDT

Cannabis Radio, the world’s largest podcast network for all things cannabis and psychedelics is thrilled to announce the debut of Potline Bling, a podcast designed for those who want a higher understanding of all things cannabis.

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Pot is my passion, and my goal is to spread knowledge about the industry to further its growth and reduce the stigma.

Potline Bling appeals to the casual consumer, science aficionados, and those getting started in the cannabis industry looking to expand their knowledge, alike. The first episode will roll out on Cannabis and all major podcast platforms later this month.

Potline Bling is hosted by Dr. Gerard (JJ) Coombs Jr., the founder, and CEO of Arvida Labs and its associated brands. A South Florida native, JJ considers himself to be a cannabis connoisseur and built a career around it to prove it. JJ has spent the last ten years becoming an expert in almost every aspect of the cannabis industry.

From growing weed in his basement, getting his doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Colorado to innovating the alternative cannabinoid space and creating a successful retail brand- JJ has done it all. Mellow Fellow is his flagship alternative cannabinoid brand that has taken the market by storm with its unique cannabinoid blend combinations- giving consumers options for a custom high.

“Pot is my passion, and my goal is to spread knowledge about the industry to further its growth and reduce the stigma” replied Dr. Coombs when asked for his motivation for creating this podcast. “I want to bring together leaders in the cannabis industry to facilitate innovation and comradery”. The accumulation of JJ’s experience puts him in a unique position to fully understand the intricacies of the cannabis world to ask thoughtful questions and have in-depth conversations. JJ takes on a laid-back approach to the interviews, making the listener feel as if they are sitting amongst friends.

You will hear from professors pioneering the first program to offer a bachelor’s degree in the cannabis business, leaders in cannabinoid extraction, and owners of major brands. Each podcast is conducted as an informal interview, discussing topics and answering thought-provoking questions. Potline Bling will deep dive into the science behind the industry and talk about where things are heading. The science will be broken down in layman's terms easy for the listener to understand and follow.

The weekly program is working to fill the void for sophisticated cannabis consumers and professionals looking to enhance their understanding of all things up and coming in the industry. There is a ton to learn, and they cover a lot of super cool stuff. It is interesting to see the industry from different perspectives and expertise to get a 360 view of what each person is doing to further innovate the space. Cannabis culture is booming, so you do not want to be left behind.

Check out Potline Bling’s official site and subscribe to notifications to be alerted on news and upcoming episodes by going to

Learn more about JJ’s lab, Arvida Labs, and associated brand, Mellow Fellow, by clicking here:

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