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BitsForDigits is finally going Pro

BitsForDigits is going pro by introducing BitsForDigits Pro, the new paid membership for professional acquirers on the up-market acquisition platform for tech startups and internet businesses with $100K+ in annual revenues.

Berlin, Germany, Europe ( Friday Oct 21, 2022 @ 5:30 PM CEST

BitsForDigits officially launched on Product Hunt nine months ago and was nominated Fintech of the Year 2021 along with Carta and AngelList.

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Sellers have asked that only serious buyers be allowed to contact them on the acquisition marketplace. Pro ensures that. - Laurits Just & Jan-Philipp, cofounders of BitsForDigits

Today, BitsForDigits is the only up-market acquisition platform for internet businesses with $100K+ in annual revenues. After onboarding thousands of business owners and acquirers, the BitsForDigits platform has marked the first 1,000 direct conversations started between a buyer and seller of a tech startup on the Marketplace.

With the constant increase in messages being sent over the BitsForDigits platform and some of the business owners getting overwhelmed with requests, the Marketplace is finally announcing BitsForDigits Pro.

Now the BitsForDigits platform will charge acquirers a subscription fee to engage with owners on the platform. The pricing plans start at $399 for a semi-annual membership and $599 for an annual membership.

Why introduce BitsForDigits Pro?

Charging a subscription fee will improve the platform in three very meaningful ways.

  • Intent. It's important to guard sellers against tire kickers so that only buyers with high intent can engage with business owners. The fee will help filter out window shoppers, which increases the quality of conversations on the platform and in turn the number of successful acquisitions.
  • Exclusivity. The pricing ensures that serious acquirers who pay for Pro are not competing for the same deal with hundreds of buyers on the basic plan at the same time. Still, the platform intends to ensure that owners get as many offers as possible which is why they have also made it possible to get Pro at a lower rate for 6 months.
  • Growth. The resulting revenue will finance further growth of the platform both in terms of more functionality and deal flow. Every penny will be reinvested into making sure BitsForDigits will be the best platform both acquirers and owners could wish for.

As always, BitsForDigits will remain completely free for business owners to list and sell.

What is included in BitsForDigits Pro?

Acquirers will be able to contact owners on the Marketplace via direct messaging to negotiate full and partial acquisitions. Additionally, they will receive an invitation to the private buy-side BitsForDigits Pro community Discord server hosted by BitsForDigits so acquirers can connect with their peers.

How do I get it?

Acquirers joining BitsForDigits from today onwards will be prompted to choose a Pro plan upon making their profile after signing up. Existing verified acquirers on the platform will receive an email with the option to upgrade to Pro, hassle-free.

About BitsForDigits

BitsForDigits is an up-market acquisition platform for profitable $100K+ revenue startups. Our marketplace makes it free and anonymous for online business owners to attract full and partial acquisition offers.

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Laurits Just


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