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New Brain Institute Presents a Revolutionary Deep TMS Technique That Provides Safe, Effective Relief For PTSD Sufferers

Deep TMS is a safe therapy method that uses magnetic pulses directed to the patient's brain, which stimulate nerve cells in that area to resolve symptoms associated with PTSD.

Beverly Hills, CA ( Monday Apr 24, 2023 @ 6:00 AM EDT

A cutting-edge technique known as Deep transcranial magnetic stimulation (Deep TMS) has been developed to alleviate post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms, among other neurological and neuropsychological disorders. PTSD is a mental illness experienced by those who have undergone stressful and traumatic events. Disturbing flashbacks mark it as negative changes in thinking and mood, emotional instability, hopelessness for the future, and other symptoms, which can be present for years if not addressed. Both adults and children can develop PTSD due to their exposure to critical incidences or life events.

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Deep TMS is a breakthrough treatment for PTSD that patients can trust. We can now provide the necessary treatment to PTSD patients who may have struggled for years with symptom control

New Brain Institute of Beverly Hills & Los Angeles County, and medical professionals globally have recognized Deep TMS’s potential as a remedy for PTSD. Deep TMS is beneficial for PTSD because it stimulates nerve cells in a patient's brain to alleviate the adverse effects of anxiety and depression, both of which are common symptoms of PTSD.

New Brain Institute believes that the latest development is a significant milestone in treating PTSD. Deep TMS is non-invasive, painless, and more effective than other treatments previously used for the condition. Patients have seen substantial relief in their symptoms with this therapy.

Deep TMS is a safe therapy method that uses magnetic pulses directed to the patient's brain, stimulating nerve cells in that area to resolve symptoms associated with PTSD. The treatment is novel, state-of-the-art, and painless, which involves no surgery, medications, or anesthesia. Deep TMS also has minimal side effects, without impairing a patient’s cognitive abilities or memory. Most importantly, the therapy is very well tolerated by patients, which makes it more effective in treating PTSD symptoms.

The therapy sessions and treatment frequency depend on the severity and assessment of each patient’s condition. Patients may start feeling the effects of the treatment after several sessions, and continued therapy provides a lasting benefit.

The Deep TMS technique is proving to be a significant milestone for patients suffering from PTSD. Medical professionals can now provide more effective, non-invasive treatments for neurological disorders, including PTSD, that enhance the overall quality of patient care.

About New Brain Institute

New Brain Institute can offer a new way to a happy, everyday life with Deep TMS, an effective, non-invasive depression treatment. Deep TMS can help you even if medications and psychotherapy have failed to do so. It is very effective even in patients who have tried multiple trials of medication and therapy to no avail.

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