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South Florida Event Uses Star Power to Promote Mental Health Resources for Students

Ignite the Culture Weekend takes place July 20-22 in South Florida, during National Minority Mental Health Month. The star-studded event, organized by Above .500, and The Empower Kits brings awareness to Ignite the Culture's initiatives, while providing on-site resources for attendees.

Pompano, FL ( Thursday Jun 29, 2023 @ 7:00 AM PDT

From July 20-22, 2023, the highly anticipated "Ignite the Culture" charity event will take place in Pompano, FL. The 3-day event aims to raise funds and awareness for mental health issues while featuring a star-studded lineup of celebrity panels, charity basketball game, NFL camp and flag football game, hip-hop performances, and black men empowerment panel.

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We aim to create an event that not only raises funds for mental health resources but also educates the community about their importance and availability. —

Driven by the aim to inspire, protect, and lead the community, the organizers of the event have joined forces with the Empower Kits App. Leveraging the app's free resources, the event seeks to provide enhanced access to mental health support and entrepreneurship opportunities for students.

"We aim to create an event that not only raises funds for mental health resources but also educates the community about their importance and availability," explained Brawley, Executive Director of Above .500, and the spokesperson for the event.

Beyond mental health advocacy, the event will also contribute to fundraising for onsite record expungement services. In collaboration with The Empower Kits, the organization strives to empower children with mental health support and resources.

"We're proud to partner with The Empower Kits to bring mental health resources to students. It's important to promote awareness and accessibility to mental health support for all," said Brawley.

Ignite the Culture Weekend Event Line-Up

  • Thursday, July 20: 3rd Annual Ignite the Culture Charity Basketball Game and Panel

Former NFL, MLB, NBA players, and celebrities come together to raise funds for free mental health resources for students. Following the game, a panel hosted by Ground Up creates awareness about the need for accessible resources and the importance of mental health.

  • Friday, Jul 21: NFL Panel, Camp, and Flag Football Game

Battle of the Trenches will host a former NFL panel and camp, shedding light on mental health and adversity to show dedication towards social responsibility and the overall well-being of the NFL community. Paroled 2 Pride and COCO will provide onsite record expungement services.

  • Saturday, Jul 22: Black Men Empowerment Panel

Rap Snacks will host a remarkable event, including a celebrity panel to impact hundreds of men through personal and virtual resources for mental, physical, spiritual, and financial well-being. Collectively, we will promote sustainability, equality, and empowerment for the Black community.

"We want everyone to leave this event feeling inspired and motivated to take action in their own community. Mental health is an issue that affects us all, and it's important that we work together to promote awareness and increase access to resources," said Markita Heard, founder of The Empower Kits.

Individual tickets for each event can be purchased separately, and sponsorship opportunities are also available. With an all-star lineup and a focus on mental health resources, "Ignite the Culture" promises to be an unforgettable event.

To help provide free mental health resources to students please donate to Ignite the Culture

About Ignite the Culture

We envision a world where all minority students have access to free mental health resources, including therapy, mentoring, personal development, and financial literacy advice. The mission of Ignite the Culture is to create a positive social and environmental impact by empowering, inspiring, and protecting underprivileged communities through accessible mental health resources, education curriculum, and innovative self-sufficiency programs that promote sustainability and social equity.

Ignite the Culture's charity event features a celebrity basketball game, a performance, and a panel focusing on mental health. Our games have featured current and former NFL, NBA, & MLB players, music stars, actors and actresses, and more who come together to raise money for great causes. Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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