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TMS Therapy Offers New Hope for Depression Treatment at Synergy of Monticello

Synergy of Monticello introduces TMS Therapy, a non-invasive depression treatment that stimulates specific brain regions for enhanced neurotransmitter levels.

Monticello, NY ( Wednesday Feb 21, 2024 @ 7:00 AM EST

Synergy of Monticello is thrilled to announce the introduction of TMS Therapy, a non-invasive treatment for depression. This innovative therapy aims to stimulate underactive brain regions in patients with depression, with the goal of enhancing neurotransmitter levels and potentially achieving sustained remission.

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Our commitment to you is to offer the most comprehensive and contemporary mental health care available.

Unlike electroconvulsive therapy, TMS Therapy does not involve electric shocks and is administered at a NeuroStar physician's clinic. Patients can immediately resume their regular activities after each treatment session. This exciting treatment option has no adverse effects on memory or sleep, offering a valuable alternative to traditional antidepressant medications.

TMS Therapy, or transcranial magnetic stimulation, focuses on the root cause of depression by strategically stimulating specific areas of the brain. Through gentle magnetic pulses, the therapy aims to rebalance neurotransmitter levels, alleviating the persistent sadness that affects a person's thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Synergy of Monticello provides a comprehensive range of services, including chemical dependency treatment, counseling, medication management, child psychiatry, and evaluations for medical procedures. With the addition of TMS Therapy to their offerings, the clinic solidifies its position as a leading provider of comprehensive mental healthcare in the Monticello area.

Synergy of Monticello accepts most health insurance policies, including Medicare and Tricare, providing coverage for TMS Therapy.

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