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Influencer Power Boost

Find, hire, and collaborate with industry-specific influencers through Newsworthy's Influencer Marketplace. Boost your press release with the power of trusted voices. Reach your target audience effortlessly. Influence made easy!

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Influencer Marketing?

Influencers and Newswires?

Newswires have long connected companies to influencers, once called journalists but now part of a wider landscape. Newsworthy acknowledges the variety of influencers capable of sharing your news with targeted communities.

What defines these influencers isn't just their following but their credibility, reach, and social media engagement. Their key strength lies in connecting you with your target audience.

Newsworthy's Influencer Marketplace streamlines finding and hiring industry-specific influencers to share and boost your news, enhancing your press release distribution through

How does the Influencer Marketplace work?

  • Press Release Live: Once your press release is live on Newsworthy, you can hire influencers to amplify your news.
  • Choose Influencers: In your Press Release dashboard, click "Select Influencers" under the release headline.
  • Match with Influencers: Browse a tailored list of influencers that align with your release's subject, complete with details on their services and pricing.
  • Hire and Direct: Select the desired influencer(s), complete the order form, and specify exactly what you need and when, for targeted promotion.

Are you an influencer? Of course, you are. Create your profile and get paid for what you already do — create and/or share content. Learn more.

Mark A. Effinger, Founder,

"I have experienced the power of influencer marketing in building my brand. The convenience of having a marketplace built into my press release service is killer."
Mark Effinger