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Placement Profit

Are you a publisher or a news site? Our Publishing Partnership program provides a unique opportunity that allows you to earn money by featuring press releases directly on your site, connecting businesses with your audience, and adding value to your content offerings.

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Publishing Partnership Program

This a unique opportunity for websites to monetize through featured press release placements. It's simple to implement:

  1. Choose the Location: Select where to display press releases on your site.
  2. Set Your Price: Charge for press release placement on your site and's network, retaining a percentage of sales.
  3. Easy Publishing: Use Newsworthy's WordPress plugin and custom RSS feed for seamless integration.
  4. Streamline Submission: Link to a co-branded registration on for press release submissions.
Bonus: In addition to posting the press release to your site, your customers news announcements get distributed to the network of 400+ sites, Google News, influencers, and media.

Newsworthy takes care of the rest, including intake, review, blockchain registration, distribution, and customer support. Sales are tallied monthly, with payments made within days of the end of the month.

Other Benefits

Recurring Revenue: Your returning and Newsworthy customers can choose your site for premium distribution, creating an ongoing income source. Earn additional money by offering extra services like newsletter inclusion at the shopping cart stage.

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