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2022 Review of Guaranteed Publicity Service, Baden Bower

Is this guaranteed publicity service legitimate? And is it worth the price?

United States ( Thursday May 19, 2022 @ 7:00 AM AEST

It's hard to generate publicity as a start-up, musician, author or entrepreneur. And success is often a self-fulfilling prophecy - you need a digital profile before people trust you enough to purchase your products or services. Baden Bower has a unique service that allows anyone to promote a story and ensure that it gets picked up by globally recognized news sites.

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Baden Bower is unlike traditional PR agencies. They'll get any news story featured by global news sites, immediately helping you improve your credibility online.

Baden Bower champions success by celebrating those who have made it and those who aspire to make it. They help clients curate a story to help them become influential leaders, entrepreneurs, actors, musicians, authors, and sportspeople. The company helps transform business, by driving up online levels of trust, credibility, and respect.

The company has a loyal community of followers on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. More than 5,000 to be precise - a defining testament of their unique publicity service and the subsequent conversion increases they produce.

The writers and editors that work for Baden Bower are world-class. Their current network of global news sites reaches more than 10 million people worldwide through their trusted journalism and custom marketing programs. The company delivers the global news platforms that help business leaders, brands and others innovate for a greater future.

Reputation is paramount and Baden Bower has dedicated teams for each audience segment, offering coverage to suit all purposes and industries. They consistently grow their audience and cultivate deep relationships with news sites to guarantee client success.

Baden Bower is regularly recognized by its clients for its impactful and innovative work. Their client base celebrates their creativity, effectiveness, and storytelling ability.

Clients love that they can join the ranks of the most influential and innovative companies and influencers that exist online, positioning themselves or their brand as a true market leader. Baden Bower has created a digital destination for the people and companies that engage them to showcase their notable successes and recognition to a global audience.

Instant publication of clients' stories bolsters credibility and in many cases helps companies and websites double lead volumes or sales as a result of the improvement to on-site conversion rates once the logos of news sites are integrated onto their own digital properties.

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