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O Lifestyle Introduces an Evolutionary Innovation in the Private Aviation Arena with World's First Secured Platform

O Lifestyle International launches the world’s only amalgamated lifestyle program revolutionizing the private aviation, branded residences and hospitality arena with an array of unprecedented benefits designed for today’s volatile economies, with a unique sustainability perspective.

Athens, Greece ( Wednesday Aug 17, 2022 @ 5:30 PM EEST

A booming private aviation sector reaching historic highs, shifting economic landscapes, declining personal finances, cascading portfolios, and uncertain outlooks will cause many who enjoy the luxury sector to rethink their lifestyle preferences and disposable expenditures. Harnessing over thirty years of experience in the luxury arena, O Lifestyle International SARL, a Luxembourg-based multinational enterprise has launched a unique program offering an innovative solution to HNI seeking to optimize their lifestyle choices, while also mitigating their overheads and protecting their net worth from today’s volatile economies.

The O Lifestyle Program has developed a unique asset class that incorporates an optimal consumer algorithm stripping away the disposable expense and market volatility from the private aviation and branded residences product. The net result is a client enjoys an array of lifestyle real estate ownership privileges and can fly up to 50 hours a year on a modern fleet of aircraft, with many of those hours entirely without any out-of-pocket expense at all, while their capital investment is protected by long term AA rated guarantees. This unparalleled capability is only possible because O Lifestyle is technically not in the aviation business.

While the O Group is a luxury hotel and real estate developer whose O Lifestyle program creates exceptional branded residences in exotic resort environments, their alliance with some of the largest hotel and private aviation companies in the world have allowed O Lifestyle to offer a never-before-possible fusion of benefits. The private aviation industry has run a parallel course of exponential growth to the branded residence arena, and while many consumers within the affluent marketplace engage both these related but distinct sectors, O Lifestyle is the first to unite these two established demands from the same consumer in an unprecedented format.

“Over the last thirty years the O team has established an intimate understanding of the affluent market and HNI’s evolving need for improved value proposition and diversity of benefits," said Alain Grangé, CEO and President of the O Lifestyle Group. "We are proud to have formulated a truly unique innovation that allows HNI to maximize their lifestyle preferences while also protecting their net worth."

While traditional Branded residences are rented by hotel operators when owners are not occupying them, resulting in a cash ROI of approximately 4%-5%, O Lifestyle engages a different model, applying that income as a cost subsidy to the fleet of aircraft directly owned within the group, which are free of debt servicing, operational overhead, depreciation, commercial competition factors or profit requirement. This allows O’s aviation provision cost “per hour” for their owners to be less than half a conventional aviation company’s one-way charter or jet card hourly rate. This means the owner’s share of rental income subsidizes twice as many occupied flight hours as they would get commercially through traditional aviation sources, and as owners are never asked to pay these costs directly, they experience their flights as “no out-of-pocket expense” and providing them an equivalent “Value ROI” of 10%-14%.

The O Lifestyle Program allows owners to enjoy their assets with optimized flexibilities, while the program's Value Assurance underwriting insulates their capital investment from declining real estate or equity markets, recessions, inflation, or other factors which may depreciate the value of their assets.
O's consumer algorithm is based on an innovative sustainability solution that allows its clients to engage their capital, which would otherwise be spent on expanding conventional aviation fleets, to be invested directly into green development technologies and protocols, allowing every passenger of O’s aircraft to know each mile flown is actively effective in improving the world, not merely trying to reduce the damage.

O Lifestyle is currently developing three exceptional resorts and residences locations in Greece and their European aircraft fleet will be operational in 2023. O Lifestyle International SARL is based in Luxembourg, Switzerland, USA, Greece, and Cyprus with current development headquarters in Athens, Greece. For more information visit
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