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Introducing evolved Donorbox Events. Enhanced to elevate every ticketed fundraising event, end-to-end.

Donorbox Events, the online event ticketing solution that auto-generates tax-deductible ticket values now offers a full stack designed to enhance the event ticketing experience for nonprofits and their supporters.

Arlington County, Virginia, USA ( Friday Oct 21, 2022 @ 6:00 PM PDT

Launched just 8 months ago, Donorbox Events has outpaced expectations. The simple to use but sophisticated solution has soared in popularity. From February to September 2022, 422 nonprofits hosted 1,408 events, processing over $1.7 Million in ticketing revenue, and with each enhancement, the numbers continue to climb.

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Our Donorbox Events’ evolution delivers a powerful, end-to-end full-stack event ticketing solution, no matter the size or type of nonprofit or event, says Dr Noel Jacob, Director Product Marketing

Building off Donorbox’s accessible, simple online fundraising tools for nonprofit organizations to manage all fundraising operations, Events has evolved to meet the growing needs of organizations.

  • A robust ticketing foundation: At its core, Donorbox Events is a user-friendly, convenient, and comprehensive event-ticketing form creator, with the ability to reflect fair-market and tax-rate values in the ticket prices, and issue automated tax receipts. From event-specific pages nonprofits’ can offer unlimited ticket types aligned to their pricing strategy, collect and store purchaser information and manage the number of tickets sold with no setup or monthly fee. However, the full impact of the evolved additions really shines in the seamless day-to-day management of ticket sales, checkout options, and simplified tax work.

New additions to the feature are designed to make Donorbox Events the go-to tool for fundraisers throughout the year but offer a number of enhancements to streamline event management in the busy Giving Season.

  • Embeddable Event Forms: The ability to embed the event form on their own website is not just useful for nonprofit event organizers, it is a ‘must have’ for any fundraising organization wanting to promote and sell tickets for unlimited events on their own website.
  • Embed Apple Pay: A second embeddable option on the event form is Apple Pay, which dominates the US mobile payment market. Available across all Donorbox donation forms Apple Pay is now a donation-driving addition to Donorbox Events’ checkout options.
  • Set Ticket Sales Deadlines: In addition to managing sold tickets, purchasers, and payment records at the backend, Events offers the option for a ticket sales deadline, creating a sense of urgency for audiences, and enabling better event attendance planning.
  • Planning of Simple Refund Ticket Transactions: Should the need arise, the ability to fully refund the ticket purchase amount, including taking care of the tax as Donorbox Events helps input the fair market value and tax rate to determine the tax-deductibility of tickets on initial set up of the event form.
As the fundraising sector gears for the Giving Season, with a surge in events of every type, Donorbox Events offers a comprehensive, robust, and easy-to-use ticketing system with options to input fair-market values, determine tax deductible amounts, and also delivers a variety of enhancements and options to optimize any Events and Ticketing process. Donorbox Events. Seamless event ticketing that offers you a comprehensive Events and Ticketing solution and simplifies the tax work.

About Donorbox:
    It is undoubtedly the ‘keep it simple’ approach applied to products, user interface, and app integrations that makes Donorbox so appealing to nonprofits. Available in 11 languages and currencies, the core multi-step donation form is simple, yet flexible and intuitive for nonprofits and donors to set up, customize, embed, and manage. Multiple secure payment methods place Donorbox in the same class as regular fundraising software but easily scheduled, and managed, recurring donations are the hero of this product offering. When you add that to the lowest conversion fee in the market, it is clear why over 50,000 nonprofit organizations in 96 countries trust Donorbox as their partner in making the world a better place.
    You can reach out to the Donorbox team at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns. For more nonprofit resources and tips, visit their nonprofit blog and YouTube channel:
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