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BIOptimizers Supercharges Brain and Body Health with Nootopia Acquisition, Revolutionizing Nootropics Industry

How BIOptimizers and Nootopia are reshaping the $29 Billion nootropics market one brain at a time. The next generation of brain boosters has arrived and with it comes enhanced cognition, memory, alertness, concentration, creativity, and attention.

Reno, NV ( Thursday Jul 20, 2023 @ 9:00 AM CDT

BIOptimizers, a next-gen health supplement and human performance company, has announced the acquisition of Nootopia, a pioneer in the burgeoning nootropics and brain health market.

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Nootopia's innovation in personalized brain health solutions and its relentless pursuit of excellence in cognitive performance make them the perfect addition to the BIOptimizers family.

The move comes as more adults turn to brain boosters, also known as smart drugs, to improve cognitive health and performance. This strategic acquisition bolsters BIOptimizers' position at the forefront of the rapidly growing nootropics market, which is projected to reach USD 29.24 billion by 2028.

Matt Gallant, Co-founder of BIOptimizers, expressed his enthusiasm about the acquisition, stating, "Nootopia's innovation in personalized brain health solutions and its relentless pursuit of excellence in cognitive performance make them the perfect addition to the BIOptimizers family. Our unique approach to customization and app-based feedback systems will take our formulation stacks to the next level."

Nootopia's founder, Mark Effinger, known as "Mr. Noots," also shared his excitement about the future: "Joining forces with BIOptimizers opens up incredible possibilities for our products and customers. Their commitment to research and development, along with their dedication to providing the most comprehensive solutions in the space, will help us push the boundaries of customization and deliver unparalleled results."

With a shared vision of empowering individuals to unlock their true and full cognitive potential, the partnership combines the proven expertise of both companies to create the most effective, customized brain boosters available anywhere.

This acquisition comes at a time when a significant portion of the adult U.S. population is already consuming multivitamin tablets for enhancing functional capabilities of the brain, such as cognition, memory, alertness, concentration, creativity, and attention.

As these individuals seek new ways to boost performance, nootropics offer an exciting and powerful next step forward in their own personal evolution.

To celebrate the acquisition, BIOptimizers and Nootopia invite consumers to discover their neurochemical superpowers via a short, 4-step quiz. The quiz instantly reveals which neurochemicals you are dominant in and which ones you are deficient in, and provides personalized recommendations on optimizing performance.

Join the cognitive enhancement revolution and take the first step toward unlocking your full potential with BIOptimizers and Nootopia. Take the neurochemical superpowers quiz now.

For media inquiries and an expert quote on what’s next for nootropics, reach Matt Gallant at [email protected] or call 800-719-2467. To learn more about how BIOptimizers can transform brain performance, gut health, and sleep, go to:

BIOptimizers serves over 162,000 clients in 90 countries worldwide. The catalyst for BIOptimizers' success is a relentless focus on supplement performance, purity, and potency. The guiding BIOptimizers North Star: create exponentially superior products and prove their effectiveness via consistent customer results.

The company was founded by Matt Gallant and Wade Lightheart, trainers who previously worked with pro athletes and other top performers. Investing 10+ years in the gym transforming the health and lives of their clients, the two founded a business partnership in 2004 that has since grown to over 100 employees globally.

Biohackers, physicians, and top authorities in health and wellness worldwide trust BIOptimizers and their extensive line of health products. To find out why visit:

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