SHL’s On-Demand Analytics tool Helps Companies Simplify Hiring  Decisions

The latest tool provides on-demand analytics through a single, powerful access point driving improved business performance outcomes.

Key Takeaways (TLDR)

  • SHL's On-Demand Analytics improves hiring decisions by leveraging real-time talent data for companies.
  • The analytics tool provides easy-to-read data stories, aiding in effective workforce decisions.
  • Companies using analytics outperform their competition, making smarter, faster hiring decisions for long-term success.

London ( Wednesday Mar 30, 2022 @ 11:35 AM UTC —

The need to optimize talent processes is more critical than ever as the HR functions evolve from simply reporting data to leveraging it for critical business decisions.

SHL, the global leader in talent acquisition and talent management recently launched its revolutionary On-Demand Analytics that provides real-time talent insights for a deep dive into a candidate’s journey.

58% of hiring managers do not have the talent data they need to make accurate hiring decisions.  SHL’s On-Demand Analytics tool helps companies leverage talent data to develop strong workforces through improved decision-making processes.

Brenden Mielke, Chief Product Officer at SHL  said, “The need to optimize talent processes is more critical than ever as the HR functions evolve from simply reporting data to leveraging it for critical business decisions. By choosing SHL’s On-Demand Analytics, one can track and measure the performance of their Talent Acquisition programs, work more effectively, and use the available, actionable insights to plan for the future.” 

Companies that use analytics can outperform their competition in executing their talent strategies. By committing to an analytical approach to hiring, companies can make smarter, faster-hiring decisions and develop best recruiting practices for long-term business success.

SHL’s On-Demand Analytics tool provides real-time and easy-to-read data stories. “Focus on programme performance is key for hiring managers. This is not just about getting candidates through the door but getting the right ones and completing the process.” Brenden adds.

Learn more about SHL’s On-Demand Analytics tool here.

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About SHL : SHL, the global leader in HR technology and psychometric science, transforms businesses by leveraging the power of people, science, and technology. Our unrivaled workforce data and highly validated talent solutions provide organizations with the workforce and scale to optimally leverage their people’s potential that maximizes business outcomes. We equip recruiters and leaders with people insights at an organization, team, and individual level, accelerating growth, decision making, talent mobility, and inspiring an inclusive culture. To build a future where businesses thrive because their people thrive.

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