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Get your free copy of the News Marketing Bookhere Introduces NewsDB, Integrating Media Outreach With Press Release Distribution

Companies use NewsDB to streamline media outreach following the submission of a press release by building targeted journalist pitch lists.

San Antonio, Texas ( Thursday Oct 13, 2022 @ 6:00 AM CDT, the recently launched press release newswire that combines traditional newswire distribution features with influencer marketing and blockchain technology, is now redefining media relations with NewsDB.

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A great newswire ... gives you access to tools to help you build media relationships. This is

Companies can use NewsDB, proprietary technology created by, to find journalists that have recently written news stories related to their press releases. Companies can then build custom media lists with journalist contact information, that they can use to pitch their current and future news announcements. is the first newswire platform to incorporate a journalist search tool as part of its core offering. The service is ideal for companies that do not have a PR firm or access to pricey public relations software to help with media outreach.

Unlike most media outreach software platforms, NewsDB does not store journalist contact information. Instead, NewsDB gets journalist contact information in real-time, helping ensure the information is up to date.

“NewsDB is about targeted media relations, not mass communication and spamming,” said David McInnis,’s founder, and CEO. "NewsDB begins with article research which helps you develop better relationships with journalists. Many journalists may write about your topic, but without knowing the context of their coverage you risk spamming a lot of journalists. NewsDB helps you build more appropriate pitch lists."

NewsDB's unique approach to building media lists starts with a search of news articles that contain topics related to the company's press release. The NewsDB articles database includes millions of news articles from national and local newspapers, trade magazines, and other online news sites. When articles are returned, companies can access the contact information for the journalist(s) that wrote the news story, and save the information in a custom press list within that they can export.

In addition to finding journalists to pitch to, NewsDB's database of millions of news articles helps companies identify news trends, and monitor the news coverage of their company and their competition.

“A good newswire distributes your press release to newsrooms, websites, and search engine news,” says Mark Willaman, cofounder of “A great newswire does this and gives you access to tools to help you build media relationships. This is”

About is a different kind of newswire, built for the way news is consumed today. Created by the founder of PRWeb, combines traditional newswire distribution features with influencer marketing, blockchain, and machine learning to increase the visibility, engagement, and promotion of your news. To learn more, please visit

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