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Get your free copy of the News Marketing Bookhere Asked AI to Write Email Copy, This Was the Result

Artificial Intelligence (AI) takes email marketing to the next level with the launch of Jointly created by and SalesNexus, uses AI to help marketers create powerful direct email campaigns with enticing subject lines in minutes.

Boerne, Texas ( Friday Mar 3, 2023 @ 6:00 AM PST, a leading provider of AI-powered news marketing and press release distribution solutions, has partnered with SalesNexus, an all-inclusive CRM and marketing automation platform, to launch This new service removes the guesswork in creating effective email marketing campaigns for businesses of all sizes.

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With its AI-powered capabilities, businesses can quickly generate high-quality email marketing content that engages their audience and generates sales. uses OpenAI's latest Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) model to generate high-quality email marketing copy 20 times faster than traditional methods. The system can create sales and marketing emails on a wide range of topics including new product releases, webinar and event announcements, limited-time offers, or content offers and free downloads. In addition, can write sales letters, pitches to journalists, and requests for customer referrals.

"The response to our recently launched AI press release writing tool,, has been amazing," said David McInnis,'s founder. "After using AI to generate our own marketing emails we were inspired to partner with SalesNexus to create Marketing professionals are amazed at how quickly they can create usable email marketing copy. The generative AI tool takes advantage of OpenAI's latest GPT model and provides results in seconds. We have also noted improvements in generated content, which helps businesses to better engage with their audience and achieve higher conversion rates." is easy to use, free, and can provide marketing professionals with creative suggestions or fully-formed copy that they can customize further to suit their brand's voice and tone. This makes it ideal for companies that may not have in-house marketing teams or who are looking to streamline their marketing processes.

"Email marketing is an essential tool that many businesses use to drive engagement and sales, but it can be time-consuming to create effective emails from scratch," said Craig Klein, CEO of SalesNexus. "That's why we're excited to partner with to launch With its AI-powered capabilities, businesses can quickly generate high-quality email marketing content that engages their audience and generates sales."

Overall, has revolutionized email marketing for businesses. With its AI-powered capabilities and ease of use, this service is a must-have for companies looking to streamline their marketing processes and improve their email marketing results.

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In addition to traditional centralized newswire distribution, Newsworthy offers cost-effective, decentralized news marketing through influencers, brand ambassadors, industry-specific websites, and other tools that give user news a targeted boost and increased visibility. also has a suite of GPT-3 OpenAI powered AI tools, such as, to help companies compose eye-catching press releases, receive press release editorial improvement suggestions, and generate journalist/marketing pitches and social media content to further promote their news - in minutes.

About SalesNexus

SalesNexus, located in Houston, Texas, is a privately held software development company dedicated to customer relationship management (CRM), sales force automation and marketing automation for small- to mid-size businesses. The SalesNexus online CRM enables sales teams to generate more leads, close more sales and keep customers longer. SalesNexus' unique combination of online CRM and Email Marketing technology is matched by the industry's most proactive and responsive support services. To learn more about SalesNexus, visit

Note: The draft version of this press release was created using free Generative AI at A similar free tool that does not require a user account is available at 

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