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EcS+ Eases Inflation Pain for Businesses by Reducing Credit Card Processing Fees at No Cost

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As inflation drives up business costs, EcS+ offers a financial lifeline by helping businesses reduce their credit card processing fees, delivering average savings of 25% to 35%. EcS+ uniquely ensures clients receive 100% of the savings.

Carmel, NY ( Wednesday May 29, 2024 @ 11:15 AM PDT

As inflation continues to increase costs for businesses, optimism for business owners has hit an 11-year low (NFIB). In response, EcS+, a cost savings and expense reduction advisory firm for corporations, non-profits, and municipalities, provides a much-needed financial lifeline by offering solutions to help businesses reduce their credit card processing fees. The EcS+ model is unique in that clients receive 100% of the savings. No other expense reduction firm has this model.

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EcS+ clients' credit card transactions are usually settled and deposited into a business's bank account within 1–3 business days, sometimes the same day.

While EcS+ offers solutions to reduce expenses across various areas such as Telecom, Energy, Logistics and Freight, Payroll Processing, and Insurance, savings on credit card processing tend to be ubiquitous and can offer businesses a quick and significant impact on their bottom line.

EcS+ delivers an average savings of 25% to 35% for businesses' credit card processing fees. Partnering with prominent organizations, EcS+ offers a wide range of services, including e-commerce, hardware, software, mobile and wireless credit/debit card processing, check solutions, e-commerce products, and gift and loyalty programs. Clients also benefit from dedicated relationship managers, online reporting, and transaction insights and analytics.

"Finding out how much EcS+ can reduce your merchant credit card fees is a simple process," stated Angela Briante, ECS+ Managing Principal. "We simply need your most recent statement and we can deliver a detailed cost-saving proposal within 48 hours and have you onboarded in a few days."

Client Success Stories Highlight EcS+ Impact

Cosmetic implant dentist Dr. Konstantine Trichas, owner of several dental practices across the NY Tri-State area including Downtown Dental Arts in Montclair, New Jersey, has worked with EcS+ for nearly a decade. "I cannot say enough good things about EcS+," says Dr. Trichas. "They've reduced my practice's credit card processing fees by 39%, adding significant money to our bottom line. I've also enjoyed working with the same account manager since inception, and although I've rarely needed support, I appreciate their 24/7 availability."

In addition to helping professional services firms reduce their credit card fees, EcS+ has also provided relief to restaurant owners where 97%, according to a recent State of the Restaurant Industry report, say higher costs are impacting their profitability. Since most restaurants accept credit cards, savings on credit card processing can soften the blow of these rising costs. With the help of EcS+, a major California restaurant chain reduced its merchant credit card processing fees by $200,000 per year.

In another success story, a Seattle-based tax resolution service saved 41% annually on their merchant card processing fees.

Fast Transaction Settlement Enhances Business Cash Flow

Another benefit of working with EcS+ is the speed at which credit card transactions are settled. Ms. Briante states, "EcS+ clients' credit card transactions are usually settled and deposited into a business's bank account within 1–3 business days, sometimes the same day. This means batches get to a business's bank account quicker — it’s their money, so they should be able to use their money when they want to."

Businesses looking to reduce their merchant card processing fees or other business expenses should contact Ms.Briante at EcS+ to schedule a consultation.

About EcS+

EcS+ is a women-owned advisory firm specializing in cost savings and efficiency for corporations, non-profit organizations, and municipalities. Leveraging over 30 years of experience and a unique vendor-based compensation model, EcS+ delivers significant operational cost and expense reductions without compromising service quality. For more information on how EcS+ can help your organization reduce expenses, contact EcS+ today.

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