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Reborn Spirit Announces Rnewelf: An Epic Multiplayer Collectible Card Game Now Available on Kickstarter

The promising new TCG card developer, Reborn Spirit, has announced the launch of its Kickstarter campaign for Rnewelf, an immersive multiplayer trading card game (TCG) set in the mystical Elven world.

New York, USA ( Tuesday May 23, 2023 @ 10:30 PM AWST

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We believe that the gaming industry should have a positive impact on the world. Rnewelf is a card game that is as fun as it is exciting. We encourage everyone to visit our Kickstarter page.

Promising New TCG Card Developer Reborn Spirit Announced as Rnewelf Launch a Kickstarter campaign for an immersive multiplayer Trading Card Game (TCG) set in a mystical spiritual world. This groundbreaking game uniquely integrates eco-education by educating parents on the important properties of protecting and rebuilding ecosystems.

Rnewelf presents players with an exciting quest to ascend to the rank of the ultimate Archmage, tasked with perfecting a system to protect the planet and maintain the balance of spiritual rebirth amidst the looming grand scheme of things. The game incorporates elements of ecological restoration into its mechanics, allowing players to regenerate their genie monsters and engage in battles to build a revitalized Earth.

"We're passionate about bringing positivity and impact to the games industry," said a Reborn Spirit speaker. An engaging journey that deftly conveys important ecological lessons. We are gearing up to launch our first game in Summer 2023. "

Rnewelf is challenging and engaging early on, offering players three or more ways to achieve victory. Players randomly draw seven faction cards and start the adventure with basic resources such as card tools. The gameplay unfolds gradually as players gain more Essence through Resurrection Bonus Cards, allowing them to rebuild Earth's resources. With over 111 combo cards, the game is expected to have millions of potential game strategies and product matches.

Rnewelf doesn't just shine in its gameplay; its art design is just as captivating. The game has distinctive spirit world aesthetics, a well-designed epic spirit exploration map, and a model flag field that symbolizes rebirth. Numerous unlockable accessories add strategic depth and contribute to the game's quintessential world aesthetic.

The game introduces over 60 energy spirits and allows players to add and unlock more than four types of boosters. Reborn Spirit eagerly awaits the conclusion of the Kickstarter campaign and hopes that the crowd support of this platform will be enough to catalyze the official release of the first generation of Rnewelf.

About Spirit Reborn

Reborn Spirit It is one of the world's leading elf product development bases. The company has long developed TCG cards and family board games that combine education and entertainment. To learn more about Rnewelf, visit our Kickstarter campaign page. Subscribe to our Facebook community and Instagram community


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