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Get your free copy of the News Marketing Bookhere Founders David McInnis and Mark Willaman Discuss the Future of News Marketing on yWhales Podcast

News marketing pioneers explore the integration of AI and blockchain in the modern news industry.

Boerne, TX ( Wednesday Oct 18, 2023 @ 12:00 PM PDT

Founders of the news marketing platform,, David McInnis and Mark Willaman, recently joined Jay Steinback, CEO and founder of yWhales, and yWhales board member and co-host Jessica Billingsley, for a deep dive into the ever-evolving world of media distribution.

The episode, titled " Redefining Media Distribution in the AI Era," focuses on the transformative power of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology in news marketing. Mark and David unravel the intricacies of the current news environment, emphasizing the importance of credibility and authenticity in the age of misinformation.

Throughout the discussion, the co-founders underscored how is leveraging cutting-edge technologies to offer comprehensive tools for companies to distribute and promote their press releases. The emphasis was on the platform’s dedication to ensuring the provenance and authenticity of news content.

David McInnis, also known for founding PRWeb, detailed his journey of pioneering online visibility through innovative marketing strategies. His tenure at PRWeb transformed it into an industry juggernaut before its acquisition by what is today, Cision. Mark Willaman, with a history of founding successful SaaS marketing and data analytics platforms, shared insights into his vision of AI's role in news distribution, analysis and marketing.

Listeners are privy to several highlights from the episode, including:

  • The integration of Generative AI and its application in the news marketing sector.
  • A look into blockchain's role in ensuring the authenticity of news content.
  • Advanced AI techniques for analyzing, optimizing, and generating complementary content for news marketing campaigns.
  • An introduction to Newsworthy's Advocacy and Influencer Marketing tools, which empower companies to engage their stakeholders and industry influencers to enhance the reach of their news announcements.
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News marketing is not about how many distribution endpoints your press release gets to, but how many of the right people it gets to.

David and Mark also conducted a live demonstration of the platform, offering a firsthand look into its capabilities and user experience.

The episode is now available for streaming on yWhales Podcast. To learn more about, or to get in touch with Mark Willaman and David McInnis, visit

About — The News Marketing Platform

In addition to traditional centralized newswire distribution, Newsworthy offers cost-effective, decentralized news marketing through influencers, brand ambassadors, industry-specific websites, and other tools that give company news a targeted boost and increased visibility. also has a suite of GPT-4 OpenAI powered tools, such as, to help companies compose eye-catching press releases, receive press release editorial improvement suggestions, and generate journalist/marketing pitches and social media content to further promote their news - in minutes.

About yWhales

yWhales Podcast, a podcast hosted by the leaders of the Web3 community yWhales, delves into news, events, and projects in the crypto and Web3 space. Launched in 2021, the show aims to spark engaging discussions, challenge conventional thinking, and inspire listeners to explore new ideas in the rapidly-evolving digital landscape. With a diverse lineup of expert guests from top executives, entrepreneurs, and innovators, yWhales Podcast has quickly become a favorite among Web3 movers and shakers.

yWhales is a unique Web3 community and ecosystem comprised of the world's top executives, entrepreneurs, and innovators who share a vision of harnessing the power of passionate individuals to shape the future of Web3 on a global scale. By combining a deep understanding of emerging Web3 technology with business expertise, yWhales advises, builds, and grows new and existing businesses aiming to capitalize on Web3 opportunities. The company prides itself on its core philosophies: collaboration, transparency, and education. For more information, visit

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